Child education by finger and hand!! What can FATHER do?







Regarding the child education, we described it before. In the article (Link), brain of child is completed until 80% by 3 years old. And, the contents are as follows.

[Character] [Intelligence] [Exercise capacity]

In the article, we described how the character is important at future life of child. And in here we want to describe what father is able to do for the child and what father should do for the child.


Let’s understand the child

When the child doesn’t feel good like too sleepy, waking and the time when child want to play, child will cry.

This attitude means child want to attract the mother’s affection by crying as final method. It’s very very simple and basic attitude to mother. However, some fathers don’t understand even this.

Therefore, mother!! please understand that all father don’t understand it.
If mother doesn’t understand it, mother wastefully get annoy.


Let child use finger and hand!! Wake up the self-motivation!!

The most important thing for child education is to wake up the self-motivation of child. Then, make child interested in anything.

And, next important thing is let child use finger and hand. Then, remember a lot of things by using them. And experience the sense of accomplish.

Because, hand is called as the second brain. So, it is very very important organ as child in order to grow.

By fully using finger and hand, “prefrontal areac” will be grown gradually. And brain itself is also going to be grown. Then, finger and hand also is able to use freely.

Of course, It also applies to animal. For example, next biggest brain animal is “monkey”. As everyone knows, monkey is able to use hand as human use it. However, monkey is not able to use finger as human use it.

For example, to close a button and to control a ball. It’s a little bit difficult for monkey. The difference between human and monkey is called as the development of brain.

Therefore, to use hand and finger is very very important in order to be grown the brain during childhood

There are a lot of books in the world to use hand and finger during childhood. So, please try to read them.

Next, please pay attention so as not to support almost all things child do. We understand that it’s difficult. Because if we do it, it’s very faster than child.


The send of accomplishment by child-self and fully using finger and hand are one of the big element for grow of brain for child. If you understand it, we think you can calm down. Anyway, if you would like to support them, please breathe deeply and say “Patience! Patience!” in your mind.


What is item father can support for child education?

Although we described a lot at the above sentence, eventually what can father do for child?

The answer is NOTHING!!!!

But father should understand another important thing. It is mental condition of mother.
This is not shown very much. But please consider.

Don’t you think if we honorably bring up child, the environment of bringing up is important?

It is very very common and natural.

And mother’s load of childcare is heaver than father. Therefore, mother should keep the proper mental condition. And mother should care the child under proper mental condition. It is very important.

If mother is very very tired, how can she care the child? It’s not possible.

So, if father can do something for childcare, it is support of mother.

For example, to clean the room, to show thanks to mother and to conduct housework.

By reviewing the act of father (oneself), please reconsider the act whether the act rely on wife or not. If you remember it and change your act, childcare is also going to be success.

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In order to apply good education for child, parents should prepare good environmental for child and parents keep perseveringly an eye on the child.

If you change child, firstly let’s change oneself before child. And, let’s try to confirm how the change is affected to child.

And, if you see child at the same point, sometime let’s change the viewpoint of the child. We think you can see another aspect of child.