Child brain development is completed until 80% by 3 years old !?!?!







Do you know that brain for child is completed until 80% by 3 years old? And, it is completed until 90% by six years old. If parents hear it, almost all parents might surprise. And we think you want to say I don’t have enough time.

However, even though you heard the above information, almost all parents don’t know how to treat it from now.

Therefore, we want to describe how to treat it as parents.


Brain is completed until 80% by 3 years old.

This study is already issued in the world. However, only some people know the actual content, which is completed by 3 years old.

What do you think it is completed by 3 years old?

And, what do you think about clever and smart?
Someone might think “clever” and “smart” means that the person who has good memory.

If you think clever and smart is as good memory, you might be more emphasize to learn and to remember a lot of information until now than to consider new idea.

However, it’s difficult to say that good memory equals with smart in current world situation.

Indeed, good memory is one of the element for “smart” and “clever”. But, it is not everything of “smart” and “clever”.

Therefore, completion of 80% for brain until 3 years old is the following contents.

(1) Character
(2) Intelligence
(3) Exercise capacity

If you hear the above contents, there might be some people who calm down. But the above contents are very very important for child.
Therefore, please understand them and please care your child based on them you understand.


What do we need to treat for growth of child’s brain?

What 80% of brain decides is (1) Character, (2) Intelligence and (3) Exercise capacity.
There is a little difference function and method of training by each (1), (2) and (3). So, we want to describe the detail as follows.


Character we would like to say on the following is positive or negative if we write frankly.

However, the positive character is very affect to future life.

If you are not positive character, you can’t imagine the good future. Then, you don’t challenge anything because you scare the bad future.

According to the above example, negative character doesn’t let you take to next stage of life. If you are able to understand the sequence, you may be able to understand the importance of positive character.

Next, what do you think what do we need to do by 3 years old for child?

It is easy! If the child says “I want to do it”, parents try not to use negative word. Of course, it is very difficult. Because child only says self-motivation. But parents try to support your child as much as possible at one time.
Don’t deny all things child want to do by emotion of parents.
As another things, don’t do the following.

(1) Don’t compare your child with another child and don’t rebuke your child.
(2) Don’t neglect your child.

Important thing for child is firstly parents try to make the environmental which child is interested. In the environmental, parents let child challenge anything which child is interested in. And, please let child feel the sense of accomplishment for it.

Of course, sometimes child is not able to accomplish it. But, please support a little bit in order to accomplish it at that time. By feeling the sense of accomplishment, the child will become positive character gradually.


(2) Intelligence

In case we hear intelligence, someone feel bombastic. But, this is also related to “Character”.
For example, don’t you think that no need to read a book to child because child can’t read a letter of book?

It is NOT correct!!

Since the child is immature for language ability, he or she is only not able to express very well. But the child is able to understand the letter it self.

Therefore, parents patiently read a book to child and show the picture in order to easily understand a book and a letter for child. What it is important is to device to understand the letter and the book.

And, after remember it, please praise the child. By the sense of accomplish, intelligence and positive character will be brushed up.


(3) Exercise capacity.

Exercise capacity means we can control self-body by your thinking. This is grown in nature and park. By playing in nature and park, cardiopulmonary function and muscular strength is fully used.

At that time, don’t forget the sense of accomplishment. At anywhere, child has a chance to grow the mind and body. To find a chance is necessary to be supported by parents.



Although we described a lot, don’t you think almost all things are already tried? But, don’t you have any wrong action for the child?

Please review and reconsider your action for child. And, please support the child again. Of course, in case the child becomes good adult, it’s necessary to be supported by parents.

In addition, please remember that “good memory” and “smart/ clever” are not equal meaning.

If you understand it and if the child understand parents attitude for child, we can go to next stage. Of course, if you scamp the childcare, growth of child will be affected. Please please understand it.