Amazon Go which uninhabited store!! How does it work!?







Amazon unveiled next generation supermarket and convenience store on Dec, 2016.

The name is “Amazon Go!!”

In Japan, there is no the kind of store. But, it might be launched on 2017 or 2018.

The Amazon Go is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and the target industry might be tertiary industry firstly like service industry.

After the result of Amazon Go in USA, Japan also might apply it to actual industry.
On here, we want to describe the kind of article.


What is uninhabited convenience store?? Amazon Go??

Do you know Amazon Go which is broadcasted on Dec, 2016? If you’ve not known it yet, please watch the following movie firstly.

Amazon Go means convenience store or supermarket becomes uninhabited store and when we check out, the payment will be withdrawn automatically by your account of Amazon.

Therefore, user of the uninhabited convenience store must have the account of Amazon and must use smart phone for the account in order to pay the usage.

Smart phone and account of Amazon is must item for the shop!!

As you can understand, don’t you think the shopping will be smarter than now?
The concept of Amazon Go is “No Line! No Check out!”.

Nobody likes to make a line. So, we think everyone might prefer it.

Especially, since highway and automatic wicket in train station have been launched now, don’t you think the kind of store is also not so strange as we compare to them?


First transduction of Amazon Go to supermarket!?

As you can understand by the movie, a lot of technology is used in Amazon Go.

And, the testing shop has been launched already and everyone can also use it since 2017. As of now, it is only able to be used by employee of Amazon.

Along with that, the same system will be installed to another supermarket and it is also coming soon.

In addition, the supermarket will prepare AI at 2nd floor and the AI will confirm data of the consumer from the database of Amazon in order to prepare the preferable items for the customer. Then, before consumer leave the supermarket, the consumer can confirm the item AI prepared.

Don’t you think it’s awesome!? Don’t you think it’s amazing honestly!?
This is nearly future and it will come soon at anywhere in the world.


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As you can understand the example of ICT and AI, super useful future is coming soon. But, if we consider hire, we feel a fear.

After reading the article, there is possibility that the road we proceed might be changed by your thinking.

If doesn’t consider more, we might be used by AI. Let’s consider more with everyone in order to use AI.

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