New ICT is applied in Japan’s university!! Drastic change by Microsoft azure!!







On Mar 8th, 2017, article of recommendation for digital transformation is posted in Yahoo!! Japan. It means concept of method for university study becomes new method by using ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

In here, we want to describe how it is changed.


ICT technology is installed in Japan’s university!?

As of now, ICT has been used in university class. For example, when attendance is confirmed, we hold ID card up to reader of ID at classroom. And the information is controlled by database of attendance. The other is when professor teach something at class, he sometimes use data, which is saved into server PC of university. While using it, class is mainly conducted. This is current university style.

We think almost all members already know it.
However, in case Microsoft Azure is applied, there might be DORASTIC CHANGED.

So, firstly we need to understand what Microsoft Azure is as follows.


Microsoft Azure!?

Microsoft Azure (hereafter Azure) means platform which is using PaaS (Plat form as a Service) technology or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) technology. PaaS and IaaS are a little technical word so please take a image as following example.

Image of IaaS and PaaS:
Right now we think you are installing any application and data in Tablet, iPhone and laptop. However, in case we use IaaS or PaaS technology, any application and data is not necessary to install in tablet etc, and all data is installed into Azure platform. Therefore almost all data are controlled in Azure and everyone is able to share the data.


What does Azure change !?

At this time, university of Sizuoka is launch flip teaching. The flip teaching is using the class of movie is saved on Azure. The flip teaching means before actual lecture by professor, student watch the movie and study the contents of lecture by student-self. And, student and professor are mainly discussing about the contents at actual class instead of lecture.

Normally university style of class is different from high school and gets actual technic and basic of new technic into student-self. In addition, gets the presentation technic also. Therefore, the basic information is learned by using Azure and the style of university’s class is changing to flip teaching.

In case Japan, there is no many class, which has discussion in my generation. But, the new style class might be promoted by using Azure.

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Azure is used to another kind of field?!?!

At this time, article of Yahoo! is described that university of Sizuoka is applying the Azure and cost of 1 billion yen is cut by it.
Probably, the article might want to say as next. all software is no longer needs to be installed into all terminals. Therefore administrator is able to cut the license fee, controlling fee and professor fee who is teaching basic lecture.

Anyway if some of fee is cut, there is advantage to use the Azure. Therefore, it’s not so hard to use Azure at high school, junior high school and elementary school.

In addition, some preparatory school in Japan has already launched movie style education and a lot of student is learning the movie. According to this point of view, it’s not so hard to applying new style of study.

And, learning style in school might be changing to confirming the question and free discussion from actual lecture.

From the above information, we can easily guess that the current job might be decrease by using ICT.



From the article for launch of new ICT, at nearly future state of education might be drastic change.

At generation of our child, artificial intelligence will teach the child and consultation might be only responsibility of human.

Therefore, we need to be to handle this useful tool. If we can’t handle it, we are going to be handled by this useful tool.

Especially, generation of our parents master the useful tool before child and it will be important to teach it to child.